Character Development

e155e03e32e7386b41fa2307d15756a8When writing Fall Into You, I often joked to my family that I was  going to spend some time with my imaginary friends. The truth is, however, that creating characters is complex, emotional, and can sometimes be heartbreaking.

For the main characters, I took the advice of Barbara Poelle, and made “off page” biographies. This was an incredibly helpful practice.  It helped me define their shortcomings and strengths, and served as a guide for their actions and reactions.

One of my favorite characters is Kathryn, Shea’s best friend. The inspiration for Kathryn is an amalgam of three wonderful people: my co-worker (and beta reader), Amy, my early twenties roommate, Donna, and my best friend since the age of 5, Kathy.  Her “off page” story includes some amusing confrontations with Billy during their teenaged years.

Shea and Kathryn make cameo appearances in my upcoming release, The Good Stuff, which tells the story of their partner, Diana Marquez.  Diana has had her share of disastrous dates and #metoo moments, and has learned to stand up for herself and everyone she cares about. Becoming a partner at a female owned firm has helped her blossom personally and professionally, but so far love has eluded her. I hope you will enjoy getting to know her when The Good Stuff is published in early 2019.


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